k3b-1.0.2 releasé

C’est simplement des fixes.

Release note:

” Now this is just another bugfix release. I had hoped to be able to release K3b 1.1 by now and make it my wedding release but sadly it is not ready yet. Thus, my wedding release is “just” a small maintenance release. Have fun.

  • Properly determine the capacity of complete CD-R(W) media.
  • Mark a data project as modified if files are renamed.
  • Allow adding of all actions to the welcome window (Bug 145866)
  • Added “NoDisplay=true” property to k3b-cue.desktop and k3b-iso.desktop
  • Fixed supported write speed detection on some devices
  • No reload before verification and between writing sessions (CD copy + Mixed Mode CD) anymore”

Pour le moment pas de version kde4 en vue :(



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