KMail has very good sieve support. But for guys which doesn’t know sieve language it’s not easy to create script from scratch.

David told me long time ago that it will good to have some templates for them.
I didn’t have time to do it until now :)
So I used same idea of kmail snippets.
So by default there is default templates:
  • for creating vacation script
  • filtering on subject
  • forwarding message
  • etc.
So you can drag and drop them in editor directly.
And you can add new template too.
And as I want that you can reuse it in other computer you can import/export them.
PS: good to write this blog I found a bug (fixed now :) )


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  1. Every Sieve related improvement is very welcome… and still do I wait for the day, when the regular KMail filter configuration can simply use Sieve as backend ;-)

    Maybe a good idea for next year’s GSoC?

  2. Not because not all server has sieve support.

    And I added in sieve the creation of script with a dialog box as kmail filter
    it’s the “News in kdepim 4.11: Improve sieve support (2/2)” will write it soon.


  3. Sure, I didn’t imply to make Sieve mandatory for the regular KMail filter dialog, but instead to act as a userfriendly Sieve frontend for people who don’t want to/aren’t able to deal with Sieve scripts manually which is made use of for accounts with Sieve support.

    Looking forward to your 2/2 post to see what you were doing there.

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