Blogilo is a blog editor.

When I started to look at it in 4.10, I saw that it was not improved from long time ago. So I decided to look at it.

During 4.10 development I cleaned code, fixed some mem leak, and fixed some bugs.

For 4.11 my target was to improve blogilo’s HTML editor and created a new library composereditor-ng (at the beginning this lib was for replacing KMail composer editor, but I didn’t time to implement all KMail features for 4.11).

Composereditor-ng used qtwebkit in write mode. This lib allows to create tables, it adds support for HTML background settings, and we can add specific HTML attributes.

(I added search support and kttsd support too).

Now Blogilo has an modern html editor.

It’s right I don’t have idea for improve Blogilo, it works fine, but perhaps you have more idea, please add them to :)

Patch are welcome too :)

I wrote this blog to signal that Blogilo is still alive, and we can use it for blogging.


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  1. Perhaps the biggest issue with Blogilo at the moment is that it creates quite dirty HTML, putting divs for every blank line (at least in WP you don’t need to do that).

    I end up manually cleaning it every time I make a new post.

  2. Ok will look at it.

  3. Sinclair @ 2013-05-05 09:01

    While this is great (I use Blogilo) I actually wish you would have put all efforts towards better HTML KMail compositor.

    But keep it up, please!

  4. Will do :)

  5. Hi, First thanks for your great work, one issue I have with blogilo is the fact that is post the blog in future (it seems to be some timezone issue that was never fixed,work around. The anoing part is that you have no idea that this happens and you just see that your blog was not posted so you post it again(and have duplicates) or give up and use the web interface.

  6. I never see timezone problem.
    Will investigate.
    is there a bug report about it ?

  7. Any news about Blogger support? It seems to be broken since at least two years.

  8. @christian: What you means by “Blogger support” ? Bug report number ?

  9. There are many bugs related to Blogger support.

    #285293, #298003 and #316080 are the most annoying for me. Besides, auto-configure option is not working. I’ve had to add my blog using this workaround:

  10. Ok will look at it.

  11. Great program, thank you for your work! I would love it if the spell check worked. I have aspell and ispell installed but the option to turn on spell check in the settings is still grayed out.

  12. @kim: You need qtwebkit 2.3.x but for the moment there is still a bug when we use spell checking in write mode.
    I need to investigate before 4.11

  13. @Laurent Thank you, I checked and the package manager shows libqtwebkit4 version 2.2.1 already installed, no upgrade option. The spell check box is still grayed out in Blogilo. Is there anything else I should check for?
    If it helps, I’m not using KDE I have an Ubuntu varrient Bodhi 2.

  14. 2.2.1 != 2.3.1 :) it’s normal that it’s grey :)

  15. @Laurent Ahh sorry can I blame it on lack of coffee? lol 2.3.1 isn’t in my Ubuntu repo and I don’t see it in the KUbuntu backports either. Can you tell me how to I upgrade it?

  16. Blogilo is a great blogging program, but a few other ideas I would love to see are a few more image options. Being able to add a caption and a drop shadow to the image would be great.
    Would it be possible to add creating new categories for wordpress and/or being able to see and select existing tags?

  17. “I would love to see are a few more image options. Being able to add a caption and a drop shadow to the image would be great.” you can add them with my new library we can customize all html attributes. So you can.

    “Would it be possible to add creating new categories for wordpress and/or being able to see and select existing tags?” create not possible for the moment will look at why (during debug period)

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  19. Hello:

    I’m really new to blogging and it’s possible that I say some stupid thing but, I’m see lost at least two blogilo features that I’ll encounter util:

    1 – Structure of the post. Become from Latex World (with Kile), I write some large post and a structure toolbox helps me to not lost the way.

    2 – Bookmark or url reference archive: For some entries I do searches related to the topic, sometimes these references are deseched, sometimes no. But sometimes some of them should be recupered. I’ll encounter util get it stored in the entry.

    Of course, I wish a better documentation and handbook for Blogilo (I’ll offer my help in this topic).

    Last, so many thanks for improving Blogilo.

    Best regards.

    Salud y Revolución.


  20. @Raz_Lobo:
    1) I didn’t understand it.
    2)You want to have bookmarks in blogilo ?

    If you want to help for documentation it’s a good news please send me a private message and I will told you how to process.


  21. @Laurent


    Sorry for delay, I don’t came here all days.

    1) I think in something how does kile in a LaTeX document, a tab with structure of the document, i.e.:
    1. Introduction
    2. Study of the problem
    2.1 Origin

    2) Yes, I encounter it util.

    I send you a message for help in doc.

    Thanks so much for your attention.

    Best regards.

    Salud y Revolución.


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