Kmail is able to customize mail headers.
Until 4.11 we had some themes:
- fancy Headers
- entreprise Headers
- Brief Headers
- Standard Headers
- Long Headers
- All Headers

I added new headers themes in 4.11:
- Custom Headers (I will expose it in this blog)
- Grantlee Headers (for next blog entry)

Custom Headers:
Until now headers theme was hardcoded. We defined colors, styles and which headers to display.

So it was not possible to specify which headers to hide or show.
It was define in code directly (in headerstyle*)

In 4.11 I added this feature.

To configure it, go to configure->appearance->message window

As you see with this theme we can’t customize color/size etc. it’s displaying as plaintext.

To improve it I added Grantlee headers (I will blog it soon.).


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  1. Very nice. I always use the ‘Elegant Header’ (Entreprise Headers?) which is a nice header with a dark background. When I print the email, the dark header background is also printed. In this case I would like to do not have the dark background printed. Will that be possible with the new customization functionality?

  2. Not with custom theme, but with granltee yes (will blog about it soon)

  3. Maybe the header selection dialog could just contain all the available header parameters on one side and the active/selected ones on the other? It would be quite the “standard” way it’s done in other applications and even in choosing toolbar buttons for an instance.

  4. No because we don’t know all headers.
    For example some server can add specific header for spam etc.
    Or in kmail we can add specific headers.
    So we can’t do it.

  5. Nice feature!
    However I agree that the dialog shown here might be quite confusing, because users can configure headers to be shown and headers to be hidden at the same time, even though only the selected list will be in effect at any given time.
    I wrote a suggestion (including mockup) for a simplified dialog here:

  6. Well, maybe it really would be useful to maintain separate lists of shown and hidden parameters. That would help switching easily between maximal/minimal headers, eg. for some debugging use-cases. It’s not so important though.

  7. Oh, that’s why we just have several custom header themes.

    Ignore me :)

  8. I find it incomprehensible that somebody would put in a lot of work making an eye candy of something that is currently an unusable pice of shit. I’m sorry, I’ve been with kmail for years, but I had to leave it since it was fucked up some months ago. Being completely unusable, it sure is nice that it displays fancy headers!

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