Mail notifier never worked in KMail (I knew it but I didn’t success to fix it until now).
Last week I decided to look at code but still not success, and I saw in kdepim-runtime an Akonadi agent for doing it (it was disabled by default).
When I read code I understood why it was disabled, it didn’t work.

So I started to fix it. After some days and a week end to code it KMail has a real notifier.

As it’s an agent it will work event if KMail is closed, so it’s a good improvement.

So It was necessary to re-implement all KMail notifier in this agent (and I added migration settings code too).

In bugzilla a lot of bug reports asked me to display, when we had just one email, the subject, the “from” and the contact photo (if available).

It’s done for 4.11 :)

I added 2 screenshots to show it.

Notification when we have several emails in several folders:

Notification when we have an unique email:

I have more idea for 4.12, so I will improve it in 4.12 too, but it’s enough for 4.11.

I will fix bugs before 4.11 release.


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  1. Neat! But it has the same issues like the current notification: “New E-Mail notification”. Just show the mail subject and sender in the notification title and a small excerpt of the text. Even more great would be to have the contact picture shown too.

  2. “Even more great would be to have the contact picture shown too.” do you see my second image ? the cat is the contact picture for me :)
    So it works.

    “small excerpt of the text” it’s not very easy to do when we have html file, and notification area is not very big so after title + from + subject it takes a lot of place.

    If you put subject + sender in title you will not show it, because in title we reduce string. So it’s not a good idea.

  3. >> the cat is the contact picture for me

    Would be great if you could make it work with dogs too.

    Thanks Laurent, great work

  4. Great work! Are you planing on doing something like the old lionmail plasmoid?

  5. @sergio :)

    @luis: “old lionmail plasmoid” ? I didn’t use it so don’t know :) do you have screenshot somewhere ?

  6. Christian @ 2013-06-24 18:11

    Thank you very much for your work,

    there are two things I’d love to see:

    1) I agree that a small snippet of mail content text would be _very_ helpful. I agree that with html this will be difficult, since you could cut off a not yet closed tag. I’d say feel free to just display the plain, unformatted text, since people sending html mails should be dragged out to the street and burned to death anyway.
    As for notification plasmoid size: yes, this is a known issue that has been reported on but is ignored. it Is way too small for plenty of other applications as well, so I’d prefer this being fixed instead of applications dropping good ideas because of a broken notification setting.

    2) I know that the monochrome icons should be for system things and not applications, but already applications like amarok provide a lovely icon that fits in well with the rest of the system tray. Kmail currently is the one that looks “out of place”. This would be fixable if one could just replace the icon with whatever one likes, but for that it would be needed to have code which can paint the current number of unread mails (please do not drop this feature, it’s awesome) could be put as an overlay over whatever icon.

    Thanks again, and have a nice day :)

  7. Nice work! Sorry this is kinda off-topic, but does clicking that wrench icon on the notification bring up the “Manage Notifications” dialog with the active notification selected? I always thought that’d be a really nice feature, but never took the time to submit a proper feature request.

  8. Emil Sedgh @ 2013-06-24 18:18

    Thanks Laurent. This was one of my main issues with KMail (which also says how good kmail is)

  9. Hi, great!!!

    ¿Are you going to implement trash in kmail?

  10. Blablabla @ 2013-06-24 21:27

    I’m currently using a plasmoid called “email notifier”, written by Sebastian Krügler. I have it on a panel. It doesn’t show popup notifications, its icon doesn’t change with new mails but it has a nice mail list when you click on it. So I don’t know if maybe a plasmoid is the way to go.

    I would pay a gazillion dollars (of course, if I had them) if someone could make a plasmoid for mail notificaition like “Gmail Notifier Plus” ( – screenshots in the ‘Promotional’ folder).

    However, this is a feature we’ve missing for ages. Thank you so much for taking care of it!

  11. Thanks very much for your work on KMail :) … now if I could just get it to reliably keep on retrieving my emails…

  12. johnjarkness @ 2013-06-25 04:30

    Kmail just gets better and better.

    As a great fan of Kmail – used this for 8 years now – I became disillusioned with KDEPim – no development – and you got the feeing that it was leaking away into the sand.

    But now now – lots of developemnt – broken things fixed, and new things arriving. You (and others) are doinf a great job, Laurent

    Can I ask for one fix, please – distribution lists. These have NEVER worked for me. Lots of grumbles about this. Can someone fix this fer ever please?

    Many thanks .

  13. “¿Are you going to implement trash in kmail?” ????
    Don’t understand there is a trash no ?

    @Blablabla: Will look at gmail notifier plus for 4.12

    @johnjarkness: “distribution lists” it works, you just need to have nepomuk activated.

  14. Blablabla @ 2013-06-25 17:44

    Thank you so much, Laurent! Hope you don’t forget it. I think you could take some good ideas from it for that time (:

  15. Great that we have an working email notifier again now! :)

    I agree with Luis and Blablabla who are both referring to Lionmail ( ) that Lionmail is really great. It has been started in 2009 by Sebastian Kügler (sebas) and already works quite well, but he hasn’t had much time to work on it recently (because he’s now working mainly on Plasma 2).
    It can show a list of froms and subjects for all new mails, expand each one for an excerpt and even allows to immediately delete a mail, mark one as important or open it in full. It’s really useful if you want to quickly clean your inbox without even witching to KMail.

    You should really talk to sebas! I think getting lionmail in shape to make it the default notifier for KMail would be a more efficient use of your resources than doing all the work sebas has done again on the KMail notifier.

  16. Nice work, much appreciated. KMail needs this love. :-)
    I have replaced KDE notification with Colibiri
    Not sure if it affects KMail notifications as well.
    Just curious, will this work with Colibri notifications as well?

  17. @anan: any idea. I never use colibiri, but I think that it will work.

    @Thomas: lionmail is perhaps good but no all people use kmail in plasma so it’s necessary to have it for kmail/kde.
    And nobody use this applet which is in playground so never release with official kde.

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