I created this agent for kdepim 4.9 (if I remember).
My idea was to allow archiving automatically folders (and sub-folders).

This agent allow to define when we want to archive it (specific date), with recurrence or not  (each x days, each x months etc.), and we can define maximum number of archive (We don’t want to full hard disk).

Until 2 months ago I never had bug report about it, so for me it was bugs free (as usual in kdepim :) ).

But Kevin Ottens started to use it and it was the drama :) : Ok it was not bugs free :)
So I fixed a lot of bugs reported by him (thanks a lot for my uniq user :) )

He gave me some ideas, for example add a function to force archiving, or for disabling specific archive etc.

Now I can hope that this agent is bugs free :)
So please try and report me bug if you can :) (it’s a joke, I think that there is some bugs yet but didn’t success to find them :) )

For this agent I don’t have idea for 4.12 so if you have some ideas send me an email :)

I put 2 images:

Main config dialogbox:

Archive config dialog:


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  1. You rock!

  2. Alejandro Nova @ 2013-07-06 05:16

    This is impressive! I’m waiting for Akonadi-Exchange to be fully operational. That, and a bit of bugfixing and copy-pasting between Akonadi-IMAP and Trojitá, will turn Kontact into the best PIM client for Linux, bar none. Free background mail notifications without any mail client running are for free, too :)

  3. “Akonadi-Exchange” don’t know state of it.
    (I don’t have exchange for testing )

    “copy-pasting between Akonadi-IMAP and Trojitá” heu… not my work :)

  4. Alejandro Nova @ 2013-07-06 15:34

    Well, then. I’ll wait a bit more, but you are already my hero for the Mail Notifier Agent alone :)

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