I know 4.11 is still not released (will release today), but kde master is open.
So I started to add new feature in KDEPIM.
It’s a feature that I wanted to add from long time ago, but didn’t have time to do it.
(but finally as I shared a lot of code, I created this program in 1 day).
The problem until now was:
when we had a mbox file and we clicked on it in dolphin, we was just able to see it in KMail and after if we wanted to import it, it was necessary to start KMailCvt, searched this mbox file and clicked on import.
So mboximporter makes it easier.
You click on mbox file, it starts mboximporter and you can import it directly :)
That’s all :) 1 day for making more easy life :)

It’s the first blog on kdepim 4.12 but I will blog about others features that I put for 4.12 (sieve support, new akonadi agent, new kaddressbook theme editor etc.)
I have still more ideas for 4.12.


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