As usual I try to improve sieve support in KMail.
In 4.9, I fixed the dialogbox  for managing them.
In 4.10, I added a good text editor with highlighting and auto-completion.
In 4.11, I added a dialogbox for generating sieve code directly (like kmail filter dialogbox)
For 4.12 I have 2 improvements (I will blog this second one in september).

So I add a new feature “convert kmail filter to sieve script”.
When a guy wants to move all his emails as IMAP (before they was local as pop3 for example)  for example in Kolab server which supports sieve, he wants to move his filters to  the server directly.

KMail filter and Sieve language are different but we can try to convert them.

For example we can convert “move message”, “copy message”, “discard message” etc.

So it’s right it’s not a 100% convert but it gives a start of code that you can install on server.

How to do ?
Go to in KMail filter dialogbox click on “convert->to sieve script”. After that select filters and click “ok”
It will open a result dialogbox where you can see which filters were be converted and where was errors (reported directly in code).

After that you can save result, modify it and put it on server.

Example: (It will be correct)


An example where we can’t convert directly:


So it’s not perfect but this tool can be useful.

(Next blog: parsing sieve script)


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  1. This is awesome! Can’t wait for the “parsing sieve script” support! :)

  2. @eliasp: it’s already done :) just I didn’t blog yet :)

  3. this is seriously cool stuff!

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