A new feature in 4.12 is sieve script parsing.
In 4.11 we are able to create sieve script with a GUI.
But we were just able to create it, not re-edit it with GUI.

In 4.12 I implemented sieve script parsing.
So you can create/modify a script with GUI.

Now it’s not necessary to know sieve script language to create/modify script.

GUI supports all sieve extensions:

  • body
  • copy
  • date
  • editheader
  • etc.

(see in http://www.iana.org/assignments/sieve-extensions/sieve-extensions.xhtml)

But GUI will show extension when server supports them.

Videos are better than a big text.

You can see them here:
and here

Sorry videos are not perfect but I didn’t know a very good program to do it.


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  1. Super! I like it :)

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