As in each kde release I try to fix KAddressBook or add new features.
I worked mainly on two features:

Theme support:

As you know we use Grantlee to show contact in KAddressBook, until now it was limited to themes provided by KDE.
We couldn’t able to add new themes.
But in 4.12 I added this support. There is a menu “view->theme” to select a specific theme .
And you can download new theme with “knewstuff” (when someone will create themes:) )

A missing feature was print preview, very easy to add in KDE. So I added it.
Another feature is to create a printing style, until now we had only style hardcoded. There was 3 styles.
But as usual I wanted to improve it, and I used… Grantlee !!!!
Yes I like it.
Now you can define an html file which defines style.
In 4.12 there is not all contact info that we can use, in 4.13 I added all infos (already done).

For me it was important to improve kaddressbook for 4.12.

I forgot to speak you about contactthemeeditor, it’s a new application which helps you to create kaddressbook grantlee theme.


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  1. ungethym @ 2013-11-15 12:20

    Great news! Thanks for your work. I am looking forward to test it.
    Perhaps you can add some sceenshots :-)


  2. Hi,

    thanks for your work on kaddressbook. One thing which I noticed and I don’t know if it a kaddressbook thing or KMail. If you right click on an email address in kontact you have an entry: ‘Add to Adressbook’. It simply adds an entry to the addressbook and doesn’t provide any option to add the email address to an existing contact! Maybe you could look into this next.

  3. @ungethym: I will try to make screenshot soon.

    @Andreas: it’s in kmail, but it’s right I will add it to my todo-list. Will look at to implement in 4.13

  4. Bugzy Little @ 2013-11-15 16:49

    It seems that you are on a raft of improvements for KDEPIM. I LIKE. Thanks for the work, it is really nice to see that some of the portions of kontact that I thought gradually decaying are being refreshed.

    On a side note one big feature request would be *searching for and merging duplicate contacts*[1][2][3]. This probably involves a lot of work.


  5. Thanks for all your fixes ! And thanks for your weekly reports on Planet KDE Fr :)

  6. @Heller: thanks :) Yes I try to inform guy what I do each week :)

  7. J aime bien ton travail, merci beaucoup, dommage avec la situation de kdenlive en ce moment. C’etait genial d’avoir toi sur le bateau!

  8. @Jay: Merci :) Oui kdenlive je peux pas continuer à bosser dessus plus comme on a aucune nouvelle de dev principal.
    Je me demande ce qu’on peut faire pour ce projet.
    j’avais pleins d’idée mais avec le code completement à l’ouest c’est un peu mort.
    Me demande si on pourrait pas repartir de la version 0.9.

    à voir

  9. @Bugzy Little: yes merge contact is on my todo list for 4.13

  10. valueerror @ 2013-11-17 11:04

    thank you so much for your work on kaddressbook!
    i hate to come here with a feature/bugfix request but i’m not 100% sure if it’ a bug or the bug sits in front of the computer screen ^^

    is it possible that contact groups (mailing lists) still don’t work? lets say i’m sending a lot of emails to my whole family.. i want to create a group and add all members of my family to this group.. then i want to send an email to this group.. how do i accomplish that? i believe it is not working at all since i tried almost everything that came to my mind..

    also the handling of groups is horrible.. without dragNdrop groups are not really usable, they are not easy to find either because they reside between the other contacts..

    i find it very sad because of this alleged bug/missing feature i’m still recommending thunderbird over kmail to other people who need a good mailclient.. (since everyone around me seems to need contactgroups on a daily basis)

  11. @valueerror: contact group works fine. you need to have nepomuk activated.

    \also the handling of groups is horrible.. without dragNdrop groups are not really usable, they are not easy to find either because they reside between the other contacts..\ I don’t understand it.
    What is the problem?

  12. valueerror @ 2013-11-18 19:37

    first of all.. thx for your reply.. (and sorry for the following looooong answer)

    i have nepomuk enabled (without file and email indexer) and i’m trying to work with contact groups since several releases now (4.11.2 atm)

    to add a contactgroup in kadressbook i have to rightclick in my list of contacts > new group

    then the group name i chose defines where in my list of hundred contacts this group appears (groupname “aabc” would obviously be found somewhere at the beginning and “xxgroup” at the end)

    to fill the group i have to doubleclick or edit the group and then start typing in names .. since i can not just drag and drop contacts into the group i have to know every name i want in this group and type it)

    lets say i’ve gone through with this and i now want to send an email to this group.. the only way to do this is to leave the adressbook, go to “new” email in kmail, klick on “select”, search for the group name (again – this group resides between my contacts and is not separated in any way so i need to know the names of my groups to find them) and then select the group and chose “add as to”

    bam.. there it is .. the name of the group in my “to” recipient line… but it is only a name and therefore kmail can not send an email.. it tries to send to “family@wald” (where family is the group name and wald is my hostname)

  13. @Andreas: add email to existing contact implemented in kmail 4.13

  14. Cheers! It’s a fine little app!

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