KNotes is a very old application. It was still not ported to Akonadi.
When I looked at, I saw that it was totally buggy.
The big problem was that knotes kontact plugins didn’t work as KNotes app.
So if you deleted notes in kontact, config file did not deleted for example.
Another example it was possible to start KNotes + kontact-Knotes-plugins etc.

So I decided to cleanup, I fixed all major bugs for 4.12.

Now the knotes kontact plugin works fine, we can’t launch knotes as singleton when it was already start into kontact, we can define alarm in kontact now, we can lock it, change settings etc.

For me it’s correct in 4.12.

I added new features too:
- print theme support: Until now all themes were hardcoded, it was not easy for an end user to create new theme without rebuild KNotes. Now (I like Grantlee) all themes are defined in Html format, I use Grantlee for generating themes.
We can create theme as we want :)
- Allow to select which notes to delete.


I don’t want to lose the application so I will port to akonadi. I already start this work in master.


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  1. Heiko Tietze @ 2013-11-08 11:27

    There are a lot of apps and tools available in KDE to create Notes, which might be confusing for users. Drag’n drop of text to the desktop leads to a different type of note as using knotes or akonotes. Some of the resulting notes can be hidden, some provide a header, all have their own customization, etc. I’d appreciate if we have only one type that works similar on all grounds (desktop, kontact, plasmoid and whatever else).
    Thanks for your work on pim notes!

  2. I hope KNotes(Popup Notes) hasn’t been dramatically changed as I use it all the time. Akonotes sucks.

    I love;
    * rich text format.
    * header title
    * colours

    I used to use ATNotes on Microsoft Windows and this is the closest thing. The only missing part is gradient colours.

  3. Have you made a script to upgrade older notes?

    RTF is probably smaller footprint than HTML/CSS.

    HTML also may activate URLs when you only want them as text.

  4. @Heiko: For 4.13 I will try to unify all notes, will fix kjots+kjots plasmoid too.

    @e8hffff: knotes was not changed. I fixed bugs. ATNotes I never used it, I need to show some screenshot.

    Why upgrade notes ?! it still use old format.
    “RTF is probably smaller footprint than HTML/CSS.” perhaps :) but you don’t use it :)
    “HTML also may activate URLs when you only want them as text.” ?

  5. Thanks Laurent, good to see it maintained finally.

  6. Heiko Tietze @ 2013-11-08 12:41

    >For 4.13 I will try to unify all notes, will fix kjots+kjots plasmoid too.

    That’s really good news.

  7. Alejandro Nova @ 2013-11-08 16:22

    Go, Laurent! Thanks to you KDE 4.12 is going to be a super-amazing release.

  8. Great work. Very glad to see that all the note taking applications will work together soon. Also while you’re at it, and if you have the time, don’t forget ownCloud notes [1] synchronization [2]. (As I understand there is already an app that works with Sailfish [3])

    [1] and

  9. Miley Cyrus @ 2013-11-08 21:22

    I hope akonadi dies.

  10. Isaque Galdino @ 2013-11-09 01:09

    Do you need help with coding?

    If so, can you please point me where to start?

    Do you have plans for integration with evernote, remember the milk or any other “online” tool?


  11. Rajesh Ganesan @ 2013-11-09 03:23

    Thanks Laurent. It is long due. As I understand, KNotes is still used by lot of people (including me). But, it did not seem to get the proper recognition as other parts of KdePim got. Atlast, it has found its day, due to you. Thanks again. Merging Notes is also an excellent idea. Please do not remove any feature – you may add some ;) – from KNotes. I love sending Knotes over LAN. Very useful for SOHO. Good luck! :)

  12. We have three applications that do some sort of notes stuff – Journal, Notebook and KNote. We could do with just one.

  13. @Bugzy: we will use akonadi in 4.13 so if there is ownCloud notes support it will work :)

    @Isaque: “evernote” don’t know I never use it we need akonadi support for it. Help welcome to add it :)

    @Rajesh: I don’t want to remove features, I like send knotes over lan so I will not remove it :)

    @Sudhir: yes I think it will be a good idea. I will unify all note* in kdepim but I will not remove apps..

  14. Rajesh Ganesan @ 2013-11-09 08:59

    I think Journal is more like a diary. Notebook is like note-taking (something like permanent record for future reference) and KNote for temporary notes. All the three may seem similar, but they have different purposes. So, I do not think, merging them would be good idea.
    However, akonotes, knotes and other note-taking applications (if any) can be merged.

  15. We can’t merge all note* apps, we can unify them, use same datas. For the moment KJots/KNotes doesn’t use same data.
    So I hope for 4.13 uses same datas.

  16. Also a big Thank you! from here for fixing and working on the whole notetaking sysem!

  17. Thanks for working on this!!!

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