As usual I try to improve sieve support in KMail.
In 4.9, I fixed the dialogbox  for managing them.
In 4.10, I added a good text editor with highlighting and auto-completion.
In 4.11, I added a dialogbox for generating sieve code directly (like kmail filter dialogbox)
In 4.12 I added sieve script parsing and an UI to create sieve script even if you didn’t know sieve language.
For 4.13 I didn’t have idea for improving it :)

But finally I found 2-3 things to do:

  • Improve vacation support: Before you could just add vacation script on one sieve server, but sometime you have several IMAP server with sieve support. Now we can add vacation support on each server.
  • Add help support: Before to get help it was necessary to open a navigator and search help page. In 4.13 I integrated it directly in editor.
  • Sieveeditor.

So SieveEditor is my new application for 4.13.

Until now we was not able to use my script editor if you didn’t configure your imap server in Akonadi, and you didn’t use KMail.

For guys which use another mailer they can’t use it.
So I decided to create an application for it.

SieveEditor doesn’t depend against akonadi/kmail!

It’s very easy to configure it and uses it.

As it uses libksieve you have all features:

  • autocompletion
  • syntax highlighting
  • autogenerate script
  • check script
  • help support
  • etc.

AutoGenerate script support.

You can see Integrated Help support:

For passwords I store them in KWallet.

I hope that it will help you to admin sieve script.

For future I don’t have idea for the moment. All idea is welcome :)


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  1. thanks a lot

  2. Well, could improve the options to export all emails, folders, subfolders, contacts and filters from KMail. It seems very messy the way emails are saved. I think it would be great to assign a single folder to store the messages.

    Great job!

  3. I’m waiting for my provider to implement sieve, which will happen at the end of tis month.
    And *then* I can tell you more. Until now I’m already excited, that there is such good support for sieve. :-)

  4. @elav: did you test pimsettingexporter ? (I fixed it in 4.12)

    @richard: good, if you see some bugs reports them :)

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