As I continue to work to kdepim* KF5, I need more scripts.

As kdepim has a lot of code to port, I don’t want to make all by hands.

So what’s new ?

  •, it allows to convert KTextBrowser to QTextBrowser (which warning about not supported feature “The only difference is QTextBrowser does not support “whatsthis:” urls.”))
  •, this scripts helps you to convert K/VBox to QWidget + QH/VBoxLayout
  •, now we use QKeySequence

I fixed some scripts too as (add more convert cmake variable name), (Add more convert code) etc.

A script that I didn’t write “” is very useful to fix i18n. Just launch it as “ -x .” in directory

I started to look at script to port KDialog to QDialog but not really easy, not sure that all code will port directly.

I am happy because I saw that several projects used my scripts :) (As Konversation, kstars and I think others :) )

I will continue to create script when I need to convert class.

If you have code to port you can send me a testcase and I will try to create script.

I think it’s very important for kde to have more script to help to port to kf5


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  1. Don’t worry about QText Browser not supporting “What’s this?” links. I suppose they’ll die soon anyway, given that too few applications use them. Actually, even some core developers don’t even know that “What’s this?” exists.

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