As I started to port KDEPIM* to KF5, I started to create script perl to help us to port to KF5.

Theses scripts as in git repository “git clone git://” in kf5 directory.

I created new script:

- converts KSaveFile to QSaveFile
- convert KSharedPtr to QExplicitlySharedDataPointer
- converts KSplashScreen to QSplashScreen

- converts to QImageIO
- helps to convert KGlobal::removeAcceleratorMarker(…)

-, it tries to port to new KAuth API

-, fix new knewstuff3 include path

So now we have 39 scripts to help us to port to KF5.

Becareful compiles each time after apply a script because they are not perfect :)

Report bugs about them please :)

PS: When you port a class which can be automate please create a script or send me info to create script. Thanks a lot it will help all kde dev.


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