KDebugSettings (0.3)

I improved kdebugsettings (and increased version to 0.3).

What’s new:

  • I added an Apply button so now we can test rules directly
  • We can customize kdeapplication rules, before we could just enable/disable them, now you can specify that you want to show just Debug/Critical/All (as for custom rules)
  • There is a new tab which shows rules which are stored in QT_LOGGING_RULES environment variable.
  • I added a warning when a rules starts by “*” which can override all others rules.
  • I added an Help button which show Qt qloggingcategory page


I will add a button to export/import rules.

I will ask to move it in kdereview. I think that it can move in official package.


Warning about "*" rules

Customize kdeapplication rules

Customize rule


4 comments untill now

  1. Eike Hein @ 2015-03-15 17:40

    Looks very useful, thank you Laurent!

  2. Looks useful indeed! Thanks!! :D

  3. Alex Richardson @ 2015-03-17 01:29

    This looks really neat! Does it somehow know about some logging categories or do I have to define them manually?

  4. @Alex: We have a file “kde.categories” which defines all kde logging categories. We can add new one each time that we create new one.
    kdebugsettings is able to load all file with extension .categories, so some project outside kde can define its logging categories which will load into kdebugsettings.
    This files must be store in QStandardPaths::GenericConfigLocation + QStringLiteral(“qdebug.categories/”)

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