Some weeks ago I spoke with David how to configure what debug to show in qt5 (now it uses qloggingcategory)

In kde4 time we had kdebugdialog. It allowed us to define some debug areas.

But we are not able to extend it because it was in kdelibs4support module and it was kdebug specific.

Qt5 doesn’t provide application to do it.


So I decided to create a new application named “kdebugsettings” (c) David :)

This application worked as old kdebugdialog, we have a file which defines categories.

This file is named kde.categories.

I added debug area that I found in source code. More areas will add in the future.

It will allow to generate qCDebug rule.

In kdebugsettings we have 2 tabs, one for kde applications which are defined in kde.categories and another one which allows to define custom rules (if you want to show warning/debug/all, enable/disable it).

Where to find it ?

It is stored in projects.kde.org, in playground/util module.

You can test it and report bug/feature etc.


I hope for 15.08 to release it.


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  1. BartOtten @ 2015-03-02 01:06

    I always set the kdebugsettings to ‘off’. Turned them on once and it became too bloody buggy!

    Thuis name is gonna be a SEO disaster ;)

  2. Hi, I found /usr/bin/kdebugdialog5 in my ubuntu 15.04 system.
    libkf5kdelibs4support5-bin: /usr/bin/kdebugdialog5
    Is it for kf5 or kde4?

  3. @Bart: :)

    @AceLan: it’s kf5 version of kdebugdialog. It will work as kdebugdialog in kde4.

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