kdebugsettings 1.0

Before to increase version to 1.0 I moved it from kdereview to kdeutils.

I added new features of course :)

Now you can import/export settings directly.

You can create a category file and it will load in kdebugsettings.

It’s very useful for big project as kdepim for example when I add a new logging categories for each module, but I don’t want to wait a new release.

So you need to create a “.categories” file and install it as “install( FILES kdepim.categories DESTINATION ${KDE_INSTALL_CONFDIR} )”


No idea :) If you have so wishlist send me a bug :)


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  1. This is really neat stuff, but I did a few double-takes, as I read this as “kde-bug-settings” instead of “k-debug-settings”, and was trying to make sense of it in context.

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