Once upon a time a program named Akregator.

It was born in 2004.

But it didn’t evolute during 6-7 years. It was a bad thing for an kdepim application.

Long time ago I worked on akregator2 (a akregator based on akonadi) but it was never released and there is no future for it.

So for the next release (16.04) I decided to work on. (It needs some love)

The first problem was that it used khtml as primary render web engine, it’s a very obsolete engine. (Ok if you installed kdewebkitpart it was able to use qtwebkit, but it’s not all the time).

So I decide to port to QtWebKit directy.

First impression: it’s speed ! (and there is less crash).

Second step I moved all generated html code (which display info about rss) to grantlee, so now it’s more easy to refresh html code.

Next step is to clean up code, and add new features (I have some ideas, and bugs.kde.org has some idea too)

So I hope to finish all the clean up for 16.04.

I hope that you will happy to use it and you will report bug about it.

Last week after some months I finally split lib from kdepim.


The main reason is that I wanted to make life easy for new developers.

Until now when we wanted to develop an extension for kmail/kaddressbook or other kdepim application it was necessary to build all kdepim.

Now we can create plugins outside of kdepim or in new kdepim-addons repository (Which was created last week too).

Another reason is that these libraries can be used by kontact-quick and by applications as Zanshin (which duplicated libkdepim).


I didn’t do for 15.12 but for 16.04. So I have time to fix all problems.


All split packages are in kde/pim repository


I created this repository for putting all kdepim plugins.

So we can found here:

- messageviewer plugins => header style plugins and messageviewer plugins (create todo etc.)

- pimcommon plugins => customtools plugins as shorturl and translator plugin

- kmail plugins => antispam/antivirus plugins

- kaddressbook plugins => merge contact/search duplicate contacts etc.

So now you can develop more plugins without compile all kdepim.

I will continue to convert features as plugins so we can reduce kdepim code base. And it’s more easy to disable a broken code when it’s a plugin.


I want to create plugins for korganizer too (I will add plugin support).

I would like to create plugin which uses some different language as c++ but I need to investigate how to create it :)

KDEPIM 5.0 is the port of kdepim to kf5/qt5.

The porting was started in may 2014. It was a long way because kdepim is not just kmail. It’s based on Akonadi server and all libraries from kdepimlibs.

The first step was to make Akonadi worked against Qt5.

The second step was porting kdepimlibs to make it work with akonadi server and KF5.

The last step was porting kdepim to kdepimlibs.

But we are able to obtain a stable version for 15.08 !

What contains kdepim 5.0 ?

It contains all original applications:

  • KMail
  • KAddressBook
  • KOrganizer
  • Kontact
  • KAlarm
  • Blogilo
  • AccountWizard
  • KNotes
  • grantleeeditor*
  • importwizard

What applications were removed?

KNodes was not ported to KDE4 pure and there is not a maintainer for it. So it was a big work for me if I wanted to port to pure KDE4 and porting after that to kf5

KTimeTracker was not maintains during some years and it was not really a pim application.

KDEPIM-Mobile: it was removed too because it depends against QtQuick1.0 it was not tested in 4.14 so in KF5 it was completly broken. So if some guy wants in the future to have it, it will be necessary to rewrite all.

KMailCVT: it was merged in the application importwizard.

What is news in kdepim 5.0?

  • First at all we ported to Qt5/KF5 :)
  • New composer for KMail which has search/replace component integrated in composer directly.
  • contactprintthemeeditor allows to create some grantlee theme for kaddressbook
  • KAddressBook allows to send vcard file directly
  • Now we can manage IMAP folder which can be show in KOrganizer/KAddressBook.
  • Now we can share url on social network (as Facebook/Twitter etc.)
  • Add support for texttospeech based on Qt5TextToSpeech (which is not release yet).
  • Pimsettingexport has a console program now. (so we can backup from a script directly)
  • I merge all setting for email completion in an unique dialog.
  • SieveEditor has bookmark support.
  • a lot of others features that I don’t remember :)
  • KContacts has full vcard4 support.
  • Dan made a big work on Akonadi. He speeded up it a lot. It’s very fast now.


The future is in progress :) KF5.1 is in development.

We have some new feature:

  • Sieveeditor has debug script support implemented based on “sieve-test” application.
  • KAddreebook has complement gravatar support
  • KAddressbook can display image based on an url
  • A lot of optimization was done
  • Some obsolete features were removed during Akademy coding session

My focus was KAddressBook last week.


It’s not a complicated application, so I didn’t find a lot of bugs. But indeed as I maintain it I already fixed critical bugs.

Some fixes:

  • I improved gravatar support.
  • I added “Server Side Subscription” action. Before that it was necessary to go to kmail or go to resource settings and click on “ServerSide subscription” button. I was not userfriendly.
  • I continued to clean up code and I use new qt5 connect api.
  • I fixed a lot of bugs (as layout bugs etc.)

Other works in KDEPIM:

  • I fixed LDAP support which was broken when we ported it to QUrl now we can use it. It’s great :)
  • I fixed translation in korganizer.
  • AkonadiSearch dbus interface name was changed. So we couldn’t have email indexing information. Fixed.
  • I fixed Imap Resource interface too.
  • A lot of bugs were fixed in korganizer/kmail/sieveeditor etc.


Next week I will focus on KNotes and Kleopatra.

Other info:

Dan merged his work about replacing text protocol by a binary protocol for Akonadi. I confirm it’s faster.

He worked a lot to improve speed. Now kmail is very speed :)

I hope that he will add more speed patch :)

Sergio continued to add some optimizations in kdepimlibs/kdepim/akonadi. !!!

This week I focused my work on Akregator.


  • I fixed some errors on signal/slots
  • I reimplemented TextToSpeech support
  • I replaced QList to QVector where it was possible
  • I added some QStringLiteral
  • I used new Qt5 connect Api
  • I fixed some bugs.
  • I added support for share url (it allows to share url in Facebook/Twitter etc.)

Others work in KDEPIM:

  • I implemented ShareUrl, I use it in kmail/akregator
  • I fixed some bugs in Dav resource (thanks to Bruno Friedmann to provide me an access to an owncloud server). It was mainly GUI bugs.
  • I fixed some crashes in Accountwizard
  • KMail uses KPIM::CompletionConfigureDialog to configure addressline settings (it avoids 3 different dialogbox).
  • I added bookmarks support in Sieveeditor
  • I added spellchecking support in plaintexteditor.
  • I fixed application translations


Next week I will focus on the KAddressbook.

I hope that I will have more bug report about it.

Other Info:

Dan works on akonadi to replace protocol based on text to use a binary protocol directly.

He saw a lot of improvement. He hopes to merge it in master soon.

To conclude:

We are in good way to have a stable version for 15.08.

I was not sure some about it some weeks ago :)